About Us

We are a company dedicated towards moving the health and wellness in our community forward. The creator, Kenya, noticed a need for affordable healthy options and answered that need by devoting herself to this movement. She creates delicious fresh pressed juice that will have you hooked on wanting to live a healthier lifestyle!

juiced by kenya
Our Menu

We are Juiced to have you here! Each item was made with the intention of making our community healthier one body at a time. We offer a variety of flavors and our prices are friendly for every budget. We even have a custom juice option if you are seeking juice blends that are designed to meet your specific health journey needs. Check out our menu to learn more!


Juiced by Kenya is so much more than just delicious juice. It’s a movement for the community! Get notified when our health and wellness blog drops.


With each changing season, we keep our juices in line with the flavors that you are craving. Our Summer flavors are the perfect mix of fruits and veggies. They will have you back for more soon!

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